The Need for Upholstery and Outdoor Fabrics by CM Textiles

The Need for Upholstery and Outdoor Fabrics

As the summer heats up that means only one thing for winter-weary Canadians: more time outdoors. Whether you’re soaking up the sun’s rays on a tanning chair in your backyard or sitting around on patio furniture hosting a BBQ for friends and family, your outdoor furniture becomes more important than you realize. Not only does it have to be durable and weather resistant, but it also needs to reflect your personal aesthetic. If you are looking for the best in upholstery or outdoor fabrics for your old (or even new) outdoor furniture pieces, look no further than C&M Textiles.

The Effect of the Elements

Just because furniture pieces are designed to remain outdoors doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable. They are subject to the wear and tear of the elements just as much as your car or roof.

Aside from being possibly strewn about your yard or neighbourhood by increasingly violent summer storms, rain can be an important factor in damaging your outdoor furniture. Even the best waterproof fabrics can get damp over time, causing tears and worn spots to emerge. Even spills from everything from juice to beer can cause the same effect, as well as some unsightly stains.

Contributing to that wear is sun damage, which can not only fade the colours of your fabric, but contribute to its cracking and flaking. Despite your best protective efforts, eventually your furniture will need new upholstery in outdoor fabrics.

Your Best Choices in Upholstery & Outdoor Fabrics

Durability is the name of the game when it comes to outdoor furniture. Tough, water resistant, and UV resistant materials are what are called for when it comes to upholstery and outdoor fabrics, as well as the ability to be wiped and easily cleaned.

Acrylic and olefin fabrics fit the bill to a tee when it comes to outdoor fabrics. Highly durable, water and UV proof, this material also comes in a wide variety of colours and patterns that will fit the design demands of even the most discerning home decor artist.

If acrylic or olefin seem a tad too thick for you and you would prefer something lighter, than try polyester. Comfortable and easily sewn, polyester carries all the same durable and water resistant properties of the aforementioned fabrics, and is as equally diverse in color or pattern. Polyester tends to fade sooner than acrylic or olefin, however, covering or storing your polyester-covered furniture when not in direct use will prolong its vibrancy for years to come.

With so many choices in upholstery and outdoor fabrics to make, why not book an appointment with the experts at C&M Textiles today? Our courteous and efficient staff will make sure you make the best decision to fit both your budget and taste!