Covering Large or Stacked Windows with Drapery, Blinds, or Shades by CM Textiles

Covering Large or Stacked Windows with Drapery, Blinds, or Shades

Large or stacked windows (ones that run from the floor to the ceiling) are stunning features in a home, opening up the space and letting copious amounts of light in for sun-starved Canadians. Unfortunately, unless you’re an exhibitionist with a flair for overtime, large or stacked windows can leave you exposed to your neighbours or any passerby that happens to wander past your house att all hours of the day.

Normally, covering your windows with drapes, blinds or shades would be the simple solution, but the sheer size of large or stacked windows ensures that doing so will have to be a custom job. Don’t let the scope of the project discourage you – the experts at C&M Textiles will work tirelessly to cover any window to your specifications, style, and at a fraction of the cost.

The Drapery Frame Effect

Drapes can not only cover your windows, but provide a handsome frame to the space, simultaneously drawing attention to it while providing privacy when needed. Something else to keep in mind is that it may not be necessary to cover the top half of the window frame- seclusion can be assured with drapes on the bottom half alone.

Aesthetics in drapery are as varied as individual tastes, and finding drapes that can match your personal style may seem daunting. To simplify your search, consult with a C&M Textiles representative today- they can help you choose the perfect drapes for your windows from literally thousands of styles!

The Future’s Looking Bright with Shades

Shades are an excellent alternative to drapes when considering window dressings for large or stacked windows. Provided the window frame can house the brackets, shades can provide an effective and elegant protection from the sun, as well as privacy whenever you wish. As well, cords and/or chains will ensure even the top half of a stacked window will be covered. As with all drapery, blinds, or shades, the representatives from C&M Textiles will help you choose the right shade of shades to match your personal style, from something complementary and muted to something ostentatious and eye-catching!

The Big Blind: Motorization and Convenience

Even with cords, chains, and possibly wands, opening and closing your drapery, shades or blinds may prove difficult or cumbersome, especially with large or stacked windows. One option that will prove both convenient and comfortable is to install a motorized system for your window dressing.

With the touch of a button on your remote, mobile, or tablet, the level of light saturation and privacy will be at your complete disposal. C&M Textiles offers a variety of motorized systems our representatives would be happy to recommend based on your tastes and specifications!

C&M Textiles: The Final Word in Drapery, Shades and Blinds

Without a doubt, C&M Textiles can accommodate any and all demands for window dressings for even the largest and/or stacked windows. With a wide variety of patterns and styles to choose from, call C&M Textiles to book your consultation today!