Motorized Blinds in Various Stages of Being Raised

Somfy’s myLink App

Have you ever heard of the Somfy myLink app? This is a smartphone app that allows you to control your motorized Somfy shades. Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Somfy’s myLink app truly transforms your home into a smart home.

MyLink provides benefits, such as energy savings, privacy, comfort and convenience. MyLink puts you in control, so that you can operate your motorized shades, blinds, awnings, screens and shutters with your favourite mobile device whether you’re home or not.

To have a functional motorized setup, you’ll need a few other items. Fortunately, most home have the following list of requirements; you’ll need a wireless router, (myLink will work with routers running 2.4GHz networks with WEP, WPA2, open and mixed mode encryption. MyLink is not compatible with 5GHz networks.) You’ll also need a smartphone, either an iPhone (iOS device running iOS 7 or higher), or Android device (running Jellybean or higher). And that’s it.

Benefits of Somfy’s myLink:

  • Remote Access – Activate Somfy-powered applications even when you’re away from home with a single tap to maximize the many lifestyle benefits they provide such as energy savings, UV protection and privacy.
  • Timed Events – Schedule scenes to automate motorized applications on a seven day schedule so you can effortlessly enjoy their many benefits.
  • On-screen Setup Wizard – Intuitive installation and setup allows you to enjoy your myLink experience in a short few minutes.
  • Flexible – Choose the best way to control your motorized applications with options such as individual control, group control, and more.
  • Compatible – Controls all Radio Technology Somfy® RTS products including blinds, shades, curtains, screens, awnings, and rolling shutters as well as RTS enabled lighting devices.

Installation of both Somfy’s motorized blinds and the myLink app are simple. Depending on how many blinds you’ll be installing, (as well as home many old one’s you’ll be removing) you’ll require from a couple of hours, to a day’s work, programming the myLink app and channels included. Once the shades are installed, you’ll need to program the Telis RTS (Radio Technology Somfy) remote to communicate with the shades properly.

The remote features five channels, each of which can connect to a single shade or group of shades. The shade(s) on a given channel can then be told to go “Up,” “Down” or to a personalized “My” location. When you connect the myLink hub to your phone, and in turn, connect your phone to the Somfy shades, the process is a breeze. Using the Somfy system is easy and intuitive.

The app interface is simple and intuitive, and setting up timing and commands is as easy the first time as it is the hundredth. You can even make your blinds open or close based on when the sun rises or sets. You’ll have no problems using your smartphone to setup such triggers and commands.

Smart blinds are one of the most convenient and practical gadgets to have, and thanks to Somfy’s motorized blinds along with its myLink app, you can bring that convenience to your home. Visit us at any of our locations, Montreal, Brossard, Ottawa, or our soon to open Boisbriand store. Our knowledgeable staff will help answer any questions you may have about motorized blinds.