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Deco Boutique

C&M Textiles is proud to be working with some of the trendiest boutiques around, entrusting us with design elements. We wanted to take a moment to share some design ideas for commercial properties, particularly boutique type spaces.

To the untrained eye, the decor of a boutique may seem to consist merely of mannequins and perhaps a few set pieces, but it’s a much bigger exercise than that. Your decor must do several things. It must welcome customers to come inside and browse. It should call attention to your products in subtle and overt ways. It should put your customers in the mood to buy. The decor for your boutique needs to be carefully considered. Even seemingly unimportant choices can impact your shoppers’ buying decisions.

While there are no set rules for decorating boutiques, there are universal guidelines that can be helpful in choosing your decor. Your decor should draw attention by surrounding them with eye-catching set pieces such as exotic fabrics.

Choosing a colour scheme is a significant consideration in decorating your boutique. The colour scheme sets the tone and mood for the rest of your decor. Keep in mind the type of atmosphere you wish to create and the shopping experience you want for your guests when choosing a palette.

The furniture for your boutique will not only play a major role in how you merchandise your products, but it will also determine how comfortable your guests’ shopping experience is. Furniture should always complement the boutique’s theme without distracting from the merchandise. Be creative and try some different things.

Artwork, when used appropriately, adds pop and creates feeling in any room. Good artwork invokes emotion and starts conversations. You should always have a few pieces around to help define your shop. Integrate artwork into displays to attract the attention of your guests.

It’s those extra finishing touches that really go a long way when decorating your boutique. The minor details that guests notice is what will get your boutique remembered. If you’re looking for some decorative ideas for your boutique, contact us at any  of our locations, Montreal, Brossard, Ottawa, or our soon to open Boisbriand store. Our experts are happy to help.