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Online or In Person?

Facebook or face to face?

Instagram or insta-experience?

Twitter or chatter?

Some people are just online shoppers, there’s no changing that! They like to browse, customize and purchase online. They click yes, pay and except delivery, done! There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s quick, easy and a get it done type of approach. Then, there is the tactile person. Sure, they will go online, but only to find phone numbers and addresses of places to actually, physically go. Some people just like to go to stores and talk to real time, real live people. They like to do their own research, touch the samples and have an experience that the new, online shoppers just don’t get.

I’m 29, turning 30 this year, but I’ll be 29 forever. I, like a lot of people my age, are categorized as the “in between” shoppers. I do enjoy a good online purchase from time to time, but for me there’s nothing like physical, retail therapy. How a person deals with me and explains the products, process of purchasing and price says a lot. I judge a retailer by the salesperson they have chosen to represent them. If the salesperson is confident, knowledgeable, friendly and professional then I am certain that the company I am about to purchase from is all of those things too. It’s nearly impossible to get that vibe when buying online, unless it’s a well-known name, and sorry live chat can only do so much. I’d spend a whole day talking to professionals versus chit-chatting online. Don’t get me wrong, a quick, online purchase is awesome and if you know how to shop online, it can really pay off. If you need advice, direction and a real life contact to figure it out, than physical shopping is THE better route for you.

Whatever your shopping style is, C&M Textiles is your go to. Did you know that our NEW website is the place to be? If you are a “web junkie”, we have it all! You can order fabric by the yard direct from our site. If you aren’t sure, we’ll send you a sample right away to help you decide! You can also purchase ready-made drapes, bedding, cushions and throws. You can feel confident purchasing from C&M on-line as we are a recognized & credible name, having been in business for over 65 years. If physical shopping is more your style, then stop by any one of our 3 locations for a real experience. We can help you select anything from a yard of fabric to a wide range of custom products such as drapes, blinds, bedding, pillows, headboards, and so much more.

C&M Textiles can be found online at www.cmtextiles.com, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest. Whereas our physical locations are at 15-1547 Merivale Road in Ottawa, 7500 Saint-Hubert Street in Montreal and 40-8480 Boulevard Leduc in Brossard. How’s that for accessible?

We hope to see you soon, online or in person!

Written by: Alicia Hewitt