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Fabulously Fresh Florals

It’s happening. Slowly but surely, it is happening and there’s no stopping it. Once upon a time, I would have bet my life that under no circumstance a floral pattern would ever make its way into my wardrobe, and especially not my home.

It all started this winter, when shopping, my mom pointed out a hideous blue blouse with huge, pink peony flowers on it. She said it would look “stunning” on me. I panicked, nervously laughed and shrugged it off. I had to just say no and walk away. Weeks later, shopping alone, I saw the same blouse. I don’t know what possessed me but I grabbed it along with my other items to try on. Next thing I knew, I didn’t hate it, I kind of liked it, and then there was no denying it. I was at the cash purchasing it and it sneakily made its way into my clothing rotation. But that was where I was drawing the line. My one ode to florals and that was IT!

We all know what is popular in fashion will just eventually filter its way into home décor too. A month after the hideous – but not so hideous – and totally awesome blouse made its way into my life, I was assessing my living room to come up with mission “spruce up for spring”. I noticed a single, floral toss cushion mixed in with my usual arrangement on the sofa. I was enraged. When did this happen? Who in their right mind would have put that there? Did someone break in and just move one pillow to mess with me? In this household, it is MY job to redecorate. I accused my 3 year old. He had a totally blank look on his face as if it was no big deal and said “Daddy took it from the playroom and put it there. It looks good, eh?” Actually, it kind of did. And there it sits, totally floral and totally not so bad.

And now we come to the final straw that broke this camel’s back. I work in a fabric store (not any fabric store but THEE fabric store). I sling yards and yards of fabric a day. I see big, beautiful bolts of stripes, geometrics, solids, silks and then there it was. More and more florals. C&M started bringing in, dare I say, fabulous florals. Our other suppliers; Robert Allen, Maxwell and Avant Garde were all coming in to show off their new spring collections, and you guessed it, mega huge and colourful florals. That’s it. I resign. I’m sold.

I ask myself, why did I hate florals so much? I thought they were traditional, old, stuffy and otherwise boring. Florals have changed. They are vibrant, modern, fresh and exciting. I think for me, it was a combination of things. It was the blouse. It was being so sick of winter and so close to spring I can taste it. It was the new twist that the fabric designers are taking on an old pattern and recreating it into something so good there’s no stopping it. No, I don’t like the same floral my 85 year old grandma likes. I like my floral, the new floral, the fresh floral.

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Written by: Alicia Hewitt