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Growing a Business Through 3 Generations

CEO’s of successful companies are often times very hard to reach, much less do they have time to sit down for a chat. Lucky for us, our long time client and friend, Peter Auger, spared a few moments to sit with us. We spoke about longevity, family, reaching C&M Textiles’ 70 year milestone and of course, what it took to get there. Peter’s openness to discuss and give us a window into growing a business and his family history was refreshing and insightful. We hope that you enjoy our conversation as much as we did.

The Birth, Beginnings & Modern-Day Iterations of C&M Textiles

“C&M Textiles was born in 1948 with the efforts of Charles and Maurice Auger, along with the help of Charles’ wife, Georgette,” explains Peter. The first first location was in an intimate 1500 square foot space which quickly became the go-to for all fabric enthusiasts. In 1959, the first expansion took place, which brought the location to Saint-Hubert street in Montreal, adding 10,000 square feet to the retail space. “We continued to grow and thrive because of our great customer service and expertise in the industry,” adds Peter, proud to make a statement that still rings true today. In 1973, a second expansion took place, which added another 14,000 square feet and in 2013 came the latest expansion, adding yet another 12,000 square feet of space.

Growing A Business with Family Togetherness

first generation C&M textile owners

Whether you’re in business with friends or with family, there comes a point where you just have to trust and believe. You need to wake up every day knowing that you’re a part of a great family team, and that no matter what, you will all attain the success you desire. That comes with hard work, dedication and of course, some business foresight. Peter told us, “our beginnings we’re very humble but love, hope and the desire to make our dreams come true kept us focused and together.” We asked if he had any advice for young and upcoming entrepreneurs and he simply said, “stay determined and work hard every day.” We couldn’t agree more.

Moving Forward

third generation C&M Textiles owners; Jonathon, David, and Matthew Auger

“We will continue to do what we’ve always done – serve our customers like family,” says Peter. He adds, “moving into the future, we will be looking to expand on our product lines, strengthening our home decor selection as well as continuing to grow our fashion fabrics line.”

Apart from exponentially growing our flagship store in Montreal, C&M Textiles also launched locations in Ottawa (2004), in Montreal’s south shore (2014) and in Boisbriand (2016). As business continues to evolve and thrive, who knows where C&M Textiles will set up shop next. One thing is for sure, their vow to great customer service as well as providing a ton of value remains unwavering.

From all of us at Carte Blanche Media, Happy 70th birthday C&M Textiles! And Peter, are sincerest congratulations to you and your team for building and growing such an incredible business!