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Celebrate C&M Textiles’ 70th Anniversary!

4 Generations and Counting

Lasting 70 years in business while still continuing to grow and evolve is a very rare thing. This is why we are beyond proud to be celebrating C&M Textiles’ 70th anniversary this July! 4 family generations later, we continue to innovate and set the bar for everything fabric and home decor related. Our continued success is largely dependant on our stellar team which, coincidently, totals 70!

Humble Beginnings

C&M Textiles was born in 1948 with the efforts of Charles and Maurice Auger, along with the help of Charles’ wife, Georgette. The first first location was in an intimate 1500 square foot space which quickly became the go-to for all fabric enthusiasts. In 1959, the 1st expansion took place, which brought the location on Saint-Hubert street in Montreal, adding 10,000 square feet to the retail space. We continued to grow and thrive because of our great customer service and expertise in the industry. In 1973, a 2nd expansion took place, which added another 14,000 square feet. In 2013 came the latest expansion, adding yet another 12,000 square feet of space. Today, while celebrating it’s 70th anniversary, C&M Textiles continues to grow and flourish!

Other Locations

Apart from exponentially growing our flagship store in Montreal, C&M Textiles also launched locations in Ottawa (2004), in Montreal’s south shore (2014) and in Laval (2018). As business continues to evolve and thrive, who knows where we will set up shop next. One thing is for sure, our vow to great customer service as well as providing as much value is we can is unwavering.

Looking to the Future

We will continue to do what we’ve always done – serve their customers like family. Moving into the future, we will be looking to expand on our product lines, strengthening our home decor selection as well as continuing to grow our fashion fabrics line.

70th Anniversary | Celebrate With Us

We take great pride in our 70 year history and look forward to many more wonderful years. Without you, our cherished and loyal clients, our success and longevity would not have been possible. As a thank you for your continued support, we invite you to take advantage of our anniversary sale! Save 60% off custom blinds and 30% off C&M home decor fabrics! Hurry because the sale ends July 15th. Make sure to check out our next blog for a special interview with C&M Textiles’ CEO, Peter Auger, where we discuss the beginnings of the business to it’s modern day iteration, and also discuss plans for the future.