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C&M Textiles – 65 Years and Going Strong!

65 years and going strong! In a time of fierce competition, modernization and economic woes, we can honestly say we’ve seen it all. And yet, after all of the above, C&M Textiles continues to go strong; and we have you to thank, our incredible and esteemed customers. A business must do many things to succeed, but at the end of the day, it’s its customers that help make it thrive. We are an extension of you, and want to take this opportunity to thank you for trusting us with your home and fabric needs.

When Charles, wife Hazel and his brother Maurice started C&M Textiles in 1948, it was a small shop on one of Montreal’s most popular shopping destinations – rue Saint-Hubert. 65 years on, the small shop on Saint-Hubert street has evolved into a 40,000 square foot design destination showroom, with in-house consulting and customizing. In addition to the flagship Saint-Hubert street store, C&M has opened a second boutique in the trendy Quartier Dix30 district on the South shore of Montreal, as well as a third location in the countries capital, Ottawa.

Now, under the leadership of the second generation, brothers Andrew and Peter Auger, the business is ever-evolving. A fourth store is planned in the near future on the North shore of Montreal, a stronger focus on the roller shade segment of the business and work on private collections for other retailers are being worked on. Customers and retailers have come to expect a lot from C&M Textiles;  Andrew, Peter and the team are constantly looking at the latest trends, attending shows in Europe and the USA to meet this ever-increasing demand for the latest and greatest.

C&M serves the interior designer trade, retail trade, distributors and several boutiques across Canada. They’ve also recently revamped their website with an emphasis for online shopping to facilitate customer orders worldwide. C&M also offers turnkey service to all clients and still have a bridal and eveningwear fabric department. C&M also offers all types of automation for blinds and hardware with experts on hand to guide clients through installation procedures and show how easy it can be to motorize a product they offer.

Stop by any of our 3 locations to consult with our knowledgeable staff for any of your design questions. We’re happy to help.