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2016 Colour Trends

Modern interior colours and decorating colour schemes are wonderful tools for creating beautiful, stylish and fresh rooms. The interior colours we’ll speak to reflect the popular trends in decorating and design, help beautifully match decor colours and paint colours in existing living spaces, or create harmonious colour combinations for new interior design and room decorating projects. Here are modern interior colour trends for 2016 home decorating projects.

Gray colour tones and white decorating with metallic accents
Timelessly elegant gray colour tones and bright white decorating ideas can be combined with metallic accents and light or dark brown colours, creating beautiful interior decorating colour schemes with a futuristic touch.  Cool neutral colours are balanced by wood brown colours, offering simple and easy ways to match decor colours while adding interest and shine with silver accents.

Orange colour with black, gray and beige neutral colours
Orange colour is powerful, warm and exciting. Modern interior decorating colour schemes that include orange colour shades feel cozy and optimistic, inviting and cheerful. Blending gray, black and beige neutral colours with orange is one of the ideal colour design trends 2016 for all who are adventurous and like to experiment.

Blue and green colours combined with warm orange
Rich and light blue colour tones, combined with green colours and warm orange colour shades look harmonious, cozy and fresh. Inspired by Mediterranean style, these modern interior colour combinations define one of the brightest colour design trends 2016.

Blue and white decorating color schemes
Rich blue, light blue and white decorating colours, combined with gray colour tones and brown colours are one of modern interior colour trends which is inspired by gorgeous oceans. These room colours can be combined with sea inspired ideas and coastal decor, driftwood crafts and nautical decor accessories for increasing the beautiful effect of soothing interior decorating in white and blue colours.

Yellow and green colours combined with light beige and white
Inspired by spectacular dandelions, interior decorating colour schemes that include juicy green colours and warm yellow colour shades look bright, fresh and energetic. Perfect for creating cheerful mood, yellow and green colour schemes can be soften by adding off-white and light beige neutral colours. These interior colours offer attractive colour design trends for 2016 nursery decorating, kids rooms, living room or kitchen designs.

Coffee with cream
Coffee with cream colour design trends mix light and brown colours with beige, creamy yellow and soft white decorating ideas. Inspired by dark and white chocolates or coffee with cream, these interior decorating colour schemes presents delicious colour design trends which feel comfortable and cozy.

Warm copper, bronze, terracotta, red wine, brick and beige
Warm copper and bronze colour shades look chic and beautiful, combined with red wine inspired interior colours and neutral beige tones. Trendy in 2015, Marsala red colour can be combined with luxurious copper and bronze hues creating expensive interiors spiced up with terracotta reddish and orange colour shades.

Light pastels of purple colours
Light pastels of purple colours look aristocratic with medium to dark green colour pastels and all neutral colours. Purple colour pastels emphasize unique decorating style, perfect for bedroom designs and living rooms. Mysterious and sensual, purple colour pastels create amazing monochromatic colour schemes and modern interior colour schemes with classic black, white, beige and light gray colour tones.