Throw Pillows

Students Are The Future

And there you have it, summer is over. As we approach the first week of September we are starting to see a lot of students filter in through the store again. The cooler weather and the changing of the leaves always has a bit of excitement in the air, especially for first year college and university students who will be flying the nest and getting their first place.

I remember leaving my parent’s house and moving six hours away to study interior decorating. I was just 17, not old enough to even drink, well legally anyways. Looking back, I can’t believe I actually even survived (thanks Kraft Dinner and 24 hour Ring-a-Wing delivery). Walking in to an empty, old Victorian house I had rented, I dropped my boxes and looked around. It felt so empty and a little scary.

Whether it is a shoe box dorm room, a high rise apartment, an elderly couple’s basement or an old Victorian house, it is possible to make the 4 walls feel more like home. C&M Textiles can help students personalize an impersonal space and here’s how!

Readymade Bedding – Moving to your very own grown up space and toting along your Care Bears or Super Hero bedspread is probably not cool. Pick up some chic bedding, ready to go and budget friendly.

Readymade Drapes – Most dorm rooms come equipped with yellowed, vertical blinds accompanied by a broken chain or missing slat, or better yet, nothing at all. It may not dawn on students until their first night that drapes probably would have been a good idea. Sleeping in on weekends until noon is also not possible without them. We sell a wide variety of modern, readymade drapes at an affordable price.

Readymade Pillows – It may be in the fine print of your lease that painting is not allowed and when on a tight budget, pillows are the next best thing. We have tons of funky, fun and fresh pillows to brighten any space.

Fabric – Every bit of furniture a student will own will most likely be second hand from their parents, guaranteed! Unloading early 90’s pieces on to their kids is almost a twisted, satisfying way of repaying them for every terrible thing they’ve ever done growing up. Accept it now and move on. We can help choose stylish new fabrics to recover that otherwise horrible desk chair, headboard or sofa.

Remnants – Don’t forgot that we also have heaps of fabric pieces, small sizes up to full yard pieces. Simple things like covering a pin board in a cool fabric or lining some totes can help pull it all together.

How else can C&M help out students?

We carry small hand sewing kits. As dorky as this may sound, it’s not a bad idea to have. When your favourite dress has a tear in it before the big party, remember, Mom isn’t there to fix it.

We are always available to assist our local students in the decorating and design programs. We offer sample cuttings for your projects and can help educate you on fabric contents, pricing, pattern repeats, etc. For our fashion students, back to school shopping couldn’t be easier. We sell cutting mats, rulers, French curves, rotary cutters, needles, threads and fabrics all accompanied by a 20% discount.

Here’s wishing all future doctors, landscapers, artists, mechanics, vets, lawyers, fashion designers, interior decorators or whatever else you choose to be a successful year at school!