Roman Blinds

I’m no history buff, but if there’s one thing I remember from my eight grade history class, it’s that the Romans got a few things right, like aqueducts, stadium construction, chariot racing, and non-constrictive undergarments.

On one of my frequent visits to C&M Textiles, I discovered a new item to add to the Romans’ impressive list of contributions to western civilization, and arguably the most important (at least in my world): shades!

No, not the Corey Hart sunglasses-at-night variety. I mean window dressing, and believe me, not only was I surprised to find out about this new, “ancient” innovation, I was extremely impressed with its effectiveness, aesthetic, and cost.

I have to admit, the first thing that caught my eye was the aesthetic- made from lightweight fabrics available in a literal rainbow of colors and fashions, the Roman shades offered at C&M Textiles are perfect for someone like me, who lives to refurnish their home in the latest styles. With material fabrics, I can avoid the boring white/off-white/bamboo hue of most plastic shades, spice up my home décor with a little color, and completely sidestep the clanking and clunking sounds the shades make when they are drawn, closed, or catch a gust of wind. I was also impressed by the fact that these particular window dressings were not only completely adjustable in multiple configurations, but also came in a motorized option: I can control the shades from anywhere in the room with the flick of a switch!

Another great thing about the lightweight fabrics is that, depending on your arrangement and settings, it both filters and blocks the sunlight, which is great for me, since some days I crave the sunlight like a human solar panel, and other days, I avoid it like a vampire with a skin condition. I guess if your light-craving moods are as fickle as some of their more infamous emperors, Roman shades are your best option!

The last thing to veni my vici was the price. To be honest, I’m always impressed by how competitive the good people at C&M Textiles are when it comes to providing the best prices for their clients, but at what they’re charging for such quality items, it’s practically a steal!


And I’ve got no problem with that- I’ll gladly pay less to have my home furnished like a Roman Emperor’s villa.