Homemade Costumes for Kids Using Fabric

Halloween Costumes in a Pinch

Halloween, one of our favorite holidays is here. We love dressing up for costume parties. If you have plans to attend a Halloween party, but scrambling to come up with a costume, we’ve got some last minute ideas that can help.

Little Red Riding Hood

The essence of a Little Red Riding Hood costume is the red cape of course. The materials you’ll need for the cape are:  red fabric, 1.5 yards for a child, 2.5 yards for an adult version. Next you’ll need something to fasten the cape, like a ribbon to tie, or a button, or elastic loop. Attach the ribbons or whichever fastener you selected to the cape throw it over your shoulder and voila.

Statue of Liberty

With the US elections coming up next month, what’s more fitting than dressing up as the Statue of Liberty? This costume is pretty easy to make, it requires no sewing. Simply take some green fabric, about the size of a twin size bed sheets, and wrap it around yourself, safety-pinning it over the shoulder to fit. To make the tablet, simply wrap some more green fabric around a book. Finish off the look with a hat and you’re good-to-go.


If you want to take it old school, you can make yourself a classic, stylish Zorro costume. You’ll need nothing more than black fabric, something with a satiny finish can really make the cape portion pop. The black fabric will be purposed for both the mask and the cape. The rest of the costume is completed by simply wearing a black shirt and black pants. For the sake of authenticity though, you should also wear boots, gloves, and a Sombrero Cordobés, all in black of course.

And there you have it. You’ve got some last second do-it-yourself easy Halloween costumes made with nothing but fabrics in a pinch. Happy Halloween!