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Get Your Swag On!

It’s official, Swag and Jabot have broken up.

Sounds juicy already, like a good soap opera you haven’t seen in a while. All the same characters, new plot.

Swag is doing quite well all on it’s own. No reason not to be, it was always the backbone of the relationship. Jabot, not doing so well. It is pretty lonely all on it’s own without the Swag, literally!

Swag and Jabot have been together since forever. Then they went out of style, or did they? This drapery duo has always been popular, especially in traditional European homes, but we’ve lost contact with them here in the Western World. Recently, Swags have made a huge comeback, but as a soloist. They are hitting the streets totally single and looking for love. They’ve left behind Jabot and have been caught, seen through windows, with full and voluptuous floor to ceiling drapes.

If you are asking yourself what Swags and Jabots are, here is an explanation.

Swag: a type of valance that covers the upper part of a window. The swag is made by cutting the fabric on the bias, this really allows the fabric to fall into smooth folds. Swags can be made using drapable fabrics such as sheers, silks, taffetas, velvets, sateens, linens, and polyesters. Swags have traditionally been accentuated by adding trims, tassels, bullion fringes and beading. Some windows display one swag however, most have multiple swags overlapping each other. Swags can be visually pleasing all on their own or paired with a beautiful rod that is exposed above each swag.

Jabots: the tails hanging down each side of a swag. These are basically really short, shaped and tailored curtains that frame the swag. Jabots are usually lined but with a different colour of fabric which is visible with each pleat. Jabots are always accompanied by Swags, never on their own.

Swags have made their way into decorating headlines over the last few months. I can’t even tell you how many clients are walking through our doors asking for Swags, sans Jabot at that. Swags are a perfect addition to that room you want to make more formal, more elegant and more stunning. Layers of window treatments can perceive as stuffy or busy, but this new, simple look of full drapes topped with Swags is nothing but clean and classy.

Curious about adding swag to your space? Stop by any of our C&M Textiles locations to learn about this timeless treatment. We will show you hundreds of fabrics that will work beautifully. We will take your measurements and design the perfect solution. We will help you get your swag on!

Written by: Alicia Hewitt