Fall 2016 Colour Trends

Fall – what a beautiful time of year, the weather’s a bit cooler, the days slightly shorter, and what we personally enjoy most, the beautiful colour changes of foliage. And just as fall brings about beautiful vibrant colours, the same applies to home trends. Let’s talk about what the popular fall colour trends are this year.

Pink, that’s right pink. More and more materials like stone and tiles are popping up in pink, particularly lighter shades. It warms up the essence of a room, and when accented with metallic tones like brass or bronze, it really pops. Mixing in teal or grey accents can bring about an even more sophisticated look.

Yellow is nice and bright, a perfect colour for cooler fall days. Match it with black accent furniture, and you’ll have a beautiful pleasing contrast. Yellow is an uplifting colour, and is usually associated with warmth.

Teal can be incredibly versatile, it matches well with dark woods, conversely, it also plays very nicely with whites. Think of the ocean, it has a beautiful calming effect when it’s calm and serene, now imagine shorelines and picture white foamy waves. Pretty nice combination, isn’t it?

Why not stick with traditional white. No colour denotes cleanliness, tranquility and freshness better than white? According to Benjamin Moore, white is a popular colour trend for fall 2016.

Green is another tone that emits calmness. Often associated with nature and the great outdoors, it blends wonderfully with natural environments, such as patios and sunrooms.

On the more adventurous side of the colour palette, high gloss black is making waves this time of year. Not a traditional choice, but when used properly, this shade can be extremely luxurious and rich, emitting a classic and rebellious, prestigious and edgy feel.

Whatever colour tone you fancy, C&M will have matching fabrics, drapes and accessories to meet your colour palette. Stop by any of our locations. Our experts are happy to assist you with your fall design.