Decorating with Kids

Mommy wants a nice house, is that too much to ask for?

So, you used to be young, cool and stylish. Then, wham, you had kids. And for no mistake to be made, you wouldn’t want it any other way. You love those munchkins and nothing else matters. Well, let’s be honest. Your house kind of matters. Well it used to, and you miss that. You used to walk into your house and it was like walking into the Style At Home magazine. Now you feel like you’re walking into the Toys R Us catalogue. So, how do you make it work? How do you get your home’s mojo back while co-living with tiny humans? Here’s how!

Somewhere in between the espresso solid wood, tulip based dining room table and the leather sectional is toys, robots, dolls, blocks, puzzles and crayons. Your kids may have so much, they don’t even know what they have anymore. So ORGANIZE and DESIGNATE space. Kid’s stuff will take over every room if you let it. If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room, second living room or finished basement then create a fun environment for your kids. Trust me, they won’t want to play anywhere else. If you don’t have the extra square footage to spare, try to create a play area within your home that the kids know is THEIR space to play and store toys. If co-living in the same space, consider a large storage ottoman for quick clean up. I like to keep the kid’s bedrooms for books and the play room for toys. Keep like things together so they learn where to find them and more importantly where to put them back.

Colour Block!
Cubed bookcases are so fun and a great way of displaying some of your kid’s toys. Colour blocking makes it interesting for your kids and helps them learn colours and how to put away their own things. Colour blocking also makes it visually interesting as opposed to a mountain of lost toys and clutter.

Make Way!
Out with the old and in with the new! When approaching gift getting holidays I like to also make it a gift giving occasion. Let your kids decide which toys they would like to give away to make room for the new items coming in. Giving can be a fun and valuable lesson. I like to take my little guy to the Salvation Army with me once we’ve selected which toys he would like to give away to another little boy or girl. It always makes him feel really good. If something is not used, broken or no longer age appropriate say adios!

Baskets and Boxes!
Bright and colourful toys are great for displaying but some things are just better out of sight! Baskets are great for hiding stuffed animals, toys that have a lot of pieces to them or to separate different children’s toys that they don’t share. Baskets and boxes are also another great way to bring visual interest into the space with different colours, patterns and shapes.

Hide and Seek!
To cut back on the quantity and to increase your child’s appreciation for specific toys you can always grab a few totes and pack away what your child is currently not using. Rotating toys is a great way to cut back the clutter. Once your child is bored of their inventory, swap them out for the toys packed away. Your kids will feel like they’ve got all new toys again.

Fun Fabrics!
C&M Textiles has so many fun kid’s fabrics available! Pull colours from your kids toys and add a few extra details to make your kid’s space feel complete such as drapes, valances, toss cushions and even framed fabrics. These things can make for a stimulating and visually pleasing space for kids and their parents.

Written by: Alicia Hewitt