Drapery Hardware

Let’s Talk Drapery Hardware

Decorative curtain rods should relate to the style of the room. Those that are completely hidden from view can be chosen based on function alone. Let’s visit some common options.

Let’s start with curtain rods. The curtain rod will serve as the main support for your drapes and serve as the central focus of your hardware. There are several different types of rods you can choose from, each with different features. Decorative rods come in an array of designs and diameters, they’re highly visible (they’re decorative after all), and affects the appearance of a window treatment and room.

Concealed rods often come in the form of an adjustable, metal lock-seam rod. They’re designed to be covered by the curtains or drapes to remain unseen. Other types include sash, tension and wide-pocket rods.

Then there are traverse rods. These are used with draperies that are opened and closed with a wand or cord. Drapery hooks are inserted into sliding holders, or carriers. It’s important to note that the rod is visible when drapes are open unless a top treatment is installed.

The last one we’ll discuss are café rods. These generally feature a narrow diameter and are round or fluted with subtle finials.

Once you’ve settled on what rods you want, it’s time to select the finials. Finials have been used for centuries on top of spires or gables and as finishing toppers for stair banisters and lampshades. Screwed onto the ends of curtain rods to add a decorative touch, finials are available to match any style of drapery rod, from modern to traditional in a range of materials such as glass, metal, wood, bamboo, rattan or resin. A drapery rod’s finials should line up with the outside edge of the window moulding.

Lastly, there are tiebacks. Tiebacks are typically u-shaped or straight pegs with decorative finials, used to hold drapes open. While most often seen in traditional settings, many designs and finishes are available to suit any style. Tasseled cording or fabric banding can also be used as tiebacks which can add colour and interest to the existing drapery.

If you’re unsure about the type of hardware you want to install, contact us. Our knowledgeable staff is always happy to help.