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Halloween costume ideas using nothing but fabric.

Halloween’s here. Some look forward to this day all year to break out their extravagant costumes. Others may still enjoy Halloween, but don’t really have the time or resources for such costumes. We’ve got some quick simple costume ideas for the latter. Here are some Halloween costume ideas using nothing but fabric. Ghost What Halloween

Décoration d'Automne

CONFORT EN DÉCORATION D’AUTOMNE Le début de l’automne est souvent une période empreinte d’un heureux mélange d’émotions. Il y a certes la nostalgie de voir les températures chaudes nous quitter, mais aussi l’excitation des feuilles qui changent de couleur, le retour des cotons ouatés confortables et la fraîcheur des matins frileux. On ressent un changement


Why break the bank on all new furniture and items when you can give your existing pieces a second life at a fraction of the cost; you should give reupholstering some serious thought. Outdated, neglected furniture can look like new unique pieces. But before reupholstering, learn the basics of the craft with an inexpensive thrift-store

Stay warm this winter with shades and curtains

Its official, summer is over. Please don’t direct your anger towards us. We hate winter as much as the next person. And with summer leaving, the cold has already arrived. The mornings are chilly and the nights are frigid. Snuggling up on the couch and watching TV in the evenings, now consists of covering up

Students Are The Future

And there you have it, summer is over. As we approach the first week of September we are starting to see a lot of students filter in through the store again. The cooler weather and the changing of the leaves always has a bit of excitement in the air, especially for first year college and

Hooked on Hardware

Draperies and hardware go hand in hand. There is so much to consider when purchasing new drapes but often times the hardware is an afterthought. Instead of getting hung up on the hardware, get hooked up! Here are the hardware basics to help plan the final stages of custom drapes. Types of hardware and components:

A Cut Above

It’s 5am, it’s still dark and crisp outside. A little girl finishes her bowl of cheerios and heads out, half asleep. Her dad drives her to the rink, where they go 3 times a week. She sits down on the cold bleachers and her dad laces up her skates. Not too tight and not too

50 Shades of Grey

Alright, let’s settle down. I’m not referring to the erotic novel or the sinfully delicious movie that followed. Simply, the colour grey! Goodbye beige, hello grey! Grey IS the new neutral. It has far surpassed beige and that’s a big deal! Grey is in between white and black and is a colour, without colour. Sounds

The Great Escape

Recently I did a little weekend getaway and stayed in a boutique hotel. I almost always stay in my favourite hotel chain when travelling, but this time wanted to spoil myself. Not to mention, I did want to say that I too, had stayed in a “boutique hotel”. What a treat! Everything from real hardwood

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