Shade Out Flu Season

Murphy’s Law: (defintion):

A rule that states that, “anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and usually at the worst time.”

Of all the laws put on this planet by Gods and Men, this particular rule seems to be the one my life path is determined to follow.  After all, I didn’t really plan to get bed-riddenly sick in the middle of the summer while multiple deadlines pressed upon me or my bank account in some sort of reverse-karma now, did I? No, the universe seemed dead-set on making sure old Murphy and I became intimately acquainted while I caught up on some good ol’ HGTV, secretly planning my upcoming home décor. At least that way, I was semi productive from my bed.

To top it all off, the television in my room was catching the glare of the summer afternoon sun with all the ferocity of a Great White shark capturing a harp seal (did I mention it was also Shark Week on Discovery?)  Now, I know what you’re thinking: big deal, right? But believe me, when you’re confined to one room for a week out of the summer with nothing but a television as entertainment, you want to make doubly sure nothing interrupts your viewing pleasure, or you might just go as insane as Jack Torrance in The Shining.  (Gotta love TMN).

Although black-out lining on my curtains did the job for most of those pesky rays peeking their way into my room and obscuring my vision, the fact remains that what sunlight did manage to make its way in, it completely ruined the image on my TV and frustrated me even more than I already was; after all, I couldn’t move!

I resolved then and there that when I got better, I’d call my good friends at C&M to see what could be done about blocking the light coming into my room; after all, winter is coming and I’m bound to get sick again, and I’d prefer to watch my episodes of Game of Thrones in cinema-like darkness while I convalesce.

To my surprise, I was informed of a new product by Altex called Ambio; a light-weight, cross-woven fabric that was specifically designed to filter light and reduce glare on televisions and computer screens!  In addition, Ambio blinds are completely adjustable to your lighting needs, act as a thermal insulator, reduce the fading of interior furnishings and (after looking at some samples) come in highly fashionable and trendy designs! I know, right? Sign me up!

As amazing as this product is, C&M’s commitment to customer satisfaction once again caught me off guard; not only were their prices extremely competitive, they offered me a free, in-home consultation by one of their interior design professionals to assess my needs

Needless to say, I’m now ready for cold and flu season!

Bring it on, Murphy!