Fall Sale @ C&M Textiles

Most people who just meet me might peg me as a ‘summer gal,’ but truth be told, I love all the seasons equally. After all, a change of season gives me the perfect reason to redecorate!

For someone who works from home, a quarterly change of home décor helps keep my living/work environment fresh and exciting, and most importantly, me motivated in my writing.

And let me tell you, one of the things I love most about the Fall season, (aside from the pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks and watching horror films snuggled on the couch with my significant other) are the colors: vibrant reds, fiery oranges, vivid yellows, faded greens, and even the matted browns!

With autumn officially started, I’m looking to spruce up my home décor in a few ways:

Curtains: I fully enjoyed my summertime whites and light blues, but I’m looking for something a little more autumn-y: some deep reds or faded browns. At this point, I’ve narrowed it down to two choices: the OMEGA/SG and the GAMMA RED but I’m leaning more towards the latter- I like the elegant simplicity of the bright red flower against the darker background.

Cushions: Although C&M has a HUGE selection of ready-made cushions and pillows, I think I’m going to go the whole nine yards this year, and have mine custom made. Initially, I thought that If I ended up actually choosing the GAMMA RED curtains, I would have the pillows made from the same material, but I think the better idea would be to have them made from the DONALD/UNI material in red. This material would highlight the red color on the curtains, and match my current sofa’s color scheme.

Throws: This is probably the most important item on my list- not only do they provide a wonderful accent to any living room couch, they can double as emergency covering during those colder-than-anticipated evenings! No real decision to make here: I’m going with the FUNKY THROW in TRUE RED.

Luckily for me, C&M Textiles is having a Fall promotion, offering 50% off blinds and 30% off fabrics! I can have everything I want and more for a fraction of the cost!

Excellent time for me to change my curtains, have a few new pillows made and add a few new throws to the living room couches, just in time for our annual Halloween movie snuggle-fest!