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Cut The Cord!

Cords are a nightmare. They get tangled and look unsightly. We spend time and money decorating our homes and cords take away from the finished look. Cords are a decorating downer.

Cordless is becoming the way of the future. It started with cell phones. Do you remember your first cell? How new and exciting it was to talk anywhere, anytime, without a cord? It was total freedom! I was a teen when I got my first cell (a hot pink flip phone) and the feeling was amazing. No longer did I have to sit at my parent’s kitchen table to talk and have my entire family hear the conversation. Computer keyboards and mice, TV’s, DVD players, speakers, routers all followed suit.

So why not blinds? Did you know that most window treatments are available in a cordless option? Technology is a beautiful thing! If you are on the hunt for new window treatments without cords, C&M Textiles has a ton of options such as; Rollers, Cellulars, Silhouettes, Romans, Pleated Shades, Wood blinds, Vertical Pleat Systems, Shutters and Drapes. No more struggles with pulling up or down heavy blinds. No more guessing which direction to pull the cord to move the blind up. No more wrapping up 7 feet of string to get it off the floor. We all know that cords can also pose a safety hazard to children.

In addition to cordless, motorized blinds are on the rise. Motorized blinds can operate by the flick of a switch, remote control or even your iPhone or iPad, imagine that! Motorized blinds are a great option for hard to reach windows, people who travel a lot and want to program their blinds to open and close at certain times, people with arthritis or a disability, or anyone who simply enjoys a new gadget.

At C&M Textiles we want to help you cut the cord. We carry a wide variety of blinds, most available in a cordless option. Upgrading to cordless only adds a few dollars to the final price tag but the ease of use and finished look is priceless. Want to take it one step further? We offer both drapes and blinds in a motorized option. Easy to use, no cords!

Come in throughout the month of May and receive a FREE cordless upgrade on any blind order. Also ask us about our special discounts on motorized drapery rods and blinds. Beautiful, easy, affordable and safe, only at C&M Textiles.

Written by: Alicia Hewitt